MUSINGS Birth/Death and All In-Between

What is life all about? Who are we and why are we here? Large questions but hopefully as we look into the workings of the mind and world we can begin to answer some of these questions. Is it all about looking into worldly injustices and ironical narratives or deeply into the workings of the spiritual and mystical mind? Of course, many say it simply rests in the psychology of the mind but is that all there is? We live in such a diversified world that no one simple answer can never be sufficient in explaining existence. “Black and White” thinking, narcissistic/self-absorption mindsets, and irrational religious superiority attitudes all box us in closing off chances of seeing what the meaning of existence is really all about. Impartiality and the ability to look at one’s ideas, prejudices, and concepts honestly with the possibility that we can be wrong on our view of reality. With Compassion, Love, and Peace it becomes possible to truly see the world as it is allowing one to truly see the purpose, worth, and meaning of a human life. As we look at all the happenings in the world allowing us to glimpse into the human mind, it is my intent that we get a glimpse into the real beauty of life by opening  our minds and ask questions irregardless of our deeply ingrained perceptions.

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Living with the “Leeches” – Taking Back your own Power and Spirit

  “Because you are confused, you seek out a teacher. You go to him to give you a way of life, to clarify your own confusion, to find truth. You choose your guru because you are confused, and you hope he will give you what you ask. That is, you choose a guru who will satisfy … Continue reading Living with the “Leeches” – Taking Back your own Power and Spirit

What did you and I contribute today?

Take a moment and think of a time where you were unjustly criticized and let it sink in. Let it permeate your cells and creep into the crevices of your mind.  Did it affect your well-being while your whole day was influenced by it? Or now take a time when you complimented and praised greatly … Continue reading What did you and I contribute today?

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