What did you and I contribute today?

Take a moment and think of a time where you were unjustly criticized and let it sink in. Let it permeate your cells and creep into the crevices of your mind.  Did it affect your well-being while your whole day was influenced by it?

Or now take a time when you complimented and praised greatly for who you are. Let it sweep into the corners of your mind and sink into your belly. How does it feel? Does your whole metabolism feel vibrant and energetic? Does it help you feel like you could accomplish anything?

I have always been fascinated by the concept of the Butterfly Effect. It was a term coined in the 1960’s by Edward Lorenz and simply is the idea that small causes can have larger effects. It is the idea that every action sets into motion larger and more magnificent actions that follow. It has been scientifically studied within the realm of quantum physics and mathematics while being proven by very simple systems. The idea had been studied in the 1800’s by Henri  Poincare, who mathematically examined the interactions of orbiting bodies and mass points which eventually lead to the term “theory of chaos.”



So how does this pertain to you and me today? If we get down to the nitty-gritty of how we affect the world today – every word, every action, every gesture sets into motion a string of events that changes the world forever. YES, we are that powerful and are literally creators of the world around us. What about a great mentor in your life? Contemplate how they modeled your world. Or how about that teacher that you really admired and gave you that extra nudge in school? Think about the difference it made in your life up to today forming who you are. With our magnificent brains, you are a part of everyone you have ever come into contact with for the rest of their lives. They store those memories and their consciousness is forever altered with the exchange of your mutual synergy. WE set into motion a great tidal wave of causation in our interactions with other people, the environment/nature , and the animal kingdom around us.  Along with this  great idea comes great responsibility.

One of the great philosophical questions is “What is my purpose here?”.

WE are Creators – WE give meaning to all that surrounds us – WE set into motion energy field that reverberate around the world.

Now look at your typical day and who you interact with as you go along your path. WE have our children and those children around us who need a positive role model in their life that shapes their destiny, or people in passing who may need that little smile or kind word that nudges them along affecting their whole family that evening. All of this by just  saying a kind word or paying them attention in a positive human interaction. The consequence of your action in that person may not be outright noticeable but may be more of a subtle, gentle coaxing of the mind.


What about the Manhattan Project in the 40’s during World War 2 with the invention of the Atomic Bomb ? It’s reverberation continues today and forever has changed the world. Or take a look at a young Indian man named Ghandi, known as the “great-souled one”, as he looked around at the quandary of his Indian people. He made the decision to dedicate his life  to the advancement of his people’s plight turning his back on the riches that could be afforded him if he followed his legal education. He took it a step further and instead of violent protest and hate, decided to carry on the dissent in peaceful actions that today is admired and praised.


But wait a minute, these are grand events that are easily noticeable in its impact on the entire world. What about your world? Did your actions toward the neighborhood grocery store’s young person who carried out your groceries cause a chain of events that could possibly change in a subtle way his mindset for the rest of his life? Many people at our place of employment are craving positive human interaction that they don’t get at home. Everyone around us needs LOVE! Better still, how did we treat even ourselves today that is largely shaping our tomorrow for ourselves? Did we LOVE and care for ourselves in meaningful, positive manner?

Victor Frankel, a Holocaust survivor, changed the world by his deliberate decision to take his horrible treatment and experience while turning it into a positive mental event for him. He then opened it up to the world in his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” and as they say, the rest is history.

My hope would be that by someone reading this today, it may change their actions slightly or greatly when they are interacting with everything around them and the world is a better place for it.


What “BUTTERFLIES” did you send out today?

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