Living with the “Leeches” – Taking Back your own Power and Spirit



“Because you are confused, you seek out a teacher. You go to him to give you a way of life, to clarify your own confusion, to find truth. You choose your guru because you are confused, and you hope he will give you what you ask. That is, you choose a guru who will satisfy your demand; you choose according to the gratification he will give you, and your choice is dependent on your gratification. You do not choose a guru who says, “Depend on yourself; you choose him according to your prejudices. So, since you choose your guru according to the gratification he gives you, you are not seeking truth but a way out of confusion, and the way out of confusion is mistakenly called truth…

You cannot find truth through anybody else. How can you? Surely, truth is not something static; it has no fixed abode; it is not an end, a goal. On the contrary, it is living, dynamic, alert, alive. How can it be an end?”

J. Krishnamurti, First Talk in Rajahmundry 1949


WE all want to be Happy, Healthy, and live at Peace as well as discover some truth about who we are and our existence. From that has developed numerous religions, political schemes, gurus, self-help organizations, philosophies, and numerous creeds as well as what many are called “absolute truths.” From that are birthed endless politicians, gurus, teachers, and businesses that claim they all have the secret formula for your Happiness, Health, and Peace normally at a price. Yet, their whole created lifestyle depends upon our existence and funneling of funds into their coffers.  For them,  IT all depends on our inability to see ourselves as enough and that we were born without the necessary “equipment” to fulfill our destiny in our lives so we turn to others.

In the United States we see this exemplified in the politics of insanity that currently exist. We pay, pay, pay to the coffers of the government all the while hoping that they become our savior. The politicians strive off our fear – our fear of insecurity and that we won’t be Happy, Healthy, and at Peace unless they step in  to secure it for us all the  while demanding we pay more and more for it. The current slogan is “Make America Great Again” and that  unless we make the rest of the world pay their dues, we will live in a state of fear and gloom. . There is not one person or a group of people who will give us the security we so desperately seek for. People today are glued to their televisions, newspapers, and audio reports to see what is the next major news bombshell which is EXACTLY what the political “leeches” want and strive for. They tap into our fears, curious minds, and  doomsday mentalities since these are a key component in sustaining their lifestyle at the level they are accustomed to. Isn’t is great that some politicians have been using public funds, your’s and my hard-earned money, to make pay-offs for their infidelties? Or to wage bloodhsed around the world in the name of peace with the tax dollars we have sweated and worked for.

A quick note on other’s  – WE will never, ever be able to obtain our security at the expense of another’s insecurity, turning our eyes from those who only seek the same thing we do – Happiness, Health,and Peace.

I have also been reading of a guru that in the past many people followed and sought after until he fell from his perch with scandals and illegal activities. Yet many people gave everything they had materially to his organization while the upper echelon of the group lived rather well. We see this over and over while  there is not one religious/spiritual group, guru, politician, or individual that is exempt from such downfalls and maybe need to  say from their “humanness”.

What makes us or manipulates us into such odd behavior of turning over our power and literally our souls to others? Is it such a desperate attempt at Happiness, Health, and Peace that we are willing to give ourselves over to anything that promises it to us and will lead us there? And what does these individuals possess or have acquired that we don’t? Who actually leads us to the ever-sought Promise Land?

At age 55, I finally come to the realization that no one else can tell me what I need to do, be, or strive for. I do believe that books can help give us various ideas and “pointers” and at time in our lives we may need counseling over a particular situation or crisis, but in the long run a good counselor or adviser who has no vested interest in your finances will simply point out the obvious that you have within already. What is interesting is each one of  these individuals have their own set of “issues” and humanness that they  are trying to deal with. I am the only one who has been with “me” my whole existence and knows what lies inside. It is also good to hear of other’s experiences but with the strong idea that we are ultimately the only ones that hold the key to our destiny. The true search for self-awareness and soul-searching does take a lot of hard work and solitude so many see it much easier spending years and vast amounts of finances looking for someone else to do the work for them giving one instant Happiness, Health, and Peace.

Carl Jung spoke of an idea called “Universal Consciousness”,  a stream in the Universe where all ideas and thoughts flow and we ALL have access to it. There is no one left out from it’s vast wisdom and experiences while a great benefit from tapping into it cost nothing financially or materially nothingaccess but does require time and effort on one’s part. Even some revered great spiritual leaders  talked of our divinity and our innate spiritual possibilities – Buddha talked about the idea that we are all Buddhas, Jesus Christ talked about us all beings gods. I believe the “Great Awakening” will be when humankind as a whole finally realizes our own worthiness and potential within as well as everyone’s dormant potential within. The world then will not need gurus, humongous multi-million dollar buildings that are empty except for Sundays and Wednesday nights, political saviors that promise us limitless Happiness, Health, and Peace.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

Gautama Buddha

I myself have spent countless hours, tens of thousand of dollar, and loss of serenity pursuing these numerous individuals and groups as well as believing that there is some politician who can save us all. Yet, I am exhausted myself from it all and have made a decision it is time to spend the time and effort to look within. I have chosen to secure my space in solitude/silence, do the “work”, and spend enormous amounts of time in Nature to find the “voice within”. Possibly in the final anayalsis I will assuredly discover that I am my own guru  and only then will I obtain the elusive, true state  of Happiness, Health, and Peace. How about you and when do you begin – today?




Let’s Talk About Loving!

I have previously written about reaching out and loving others but how is that truly possible? What does it begin with and how do we get there?

Do you love the person who stares back at you every morning when you look in the mirror when you have just woken up? Do you ADMIRE, RESPECT, and have a all out APPRECIATION of who you are?

It seems like I hear more than anything from others when talking about themselves:

  1. “I wish I could….”
  2.  “If only I could…”
  3.  “I need to lose weight”, “my nose is too big”, “I am too short – too tall”
  4. “I should (shouldn’t) have…”
  5. “I am just not intelligent enough..”
  6.  “I am not lovable or loved.”

The first place to look for love is from YOURSELF. The old song “looking for love in all the wrong places” has a lot of deeper meanings to it for me and may for you to if you take the time to contemplate it intensely. Searching for love seems to be the “modern” thing going on as we look around us. Dating sites have taken off in the last five years as people more and more are trying to find that wonderful thing called love wanting that human connection with someone. The media and advertising have taught us that we can never be satisfied with our bodies as they are now. They are constantly telling us we need to look like that perfect fitness trainer, constantly feed our bodies medications to improve, and become something we are not. It is amazing to watch the endless infomercials that tell us we aren’t good enough and need to work harder as well as diet more to become something else besides who we are. IT sells, sells, and sells while feeding us into the economic quicksand that drives us deeper and deeper into  financial as well as emotional debt promising us a “better” you.

Why can’t I just be “me” and love that “me”?

I would like to start by looking at what we are as a human body. Those of us who are able to walk have a intricate web of wonderful parts that allow us to be mobile. There are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, when walking and the foot strikes the ground it forces the toes to carry half your body weight, and the sole of the foot contains more sensory nerve endings than any other part of the body (wonder why your foot is ticklish?). Your eyes contain 2 million working parts, are very quick healers, and are the most active muscle in the body (unless you are Mr. Universe). Each part of the human body contains numerous and wonderful functions that even still baffle science today. Most of us spend our lives looking for the supernatural, the miracles, or some sign there is something “higher” than we are. To me, the most sure sign of a higher power and loving force is the miraculous functions my body performs for me without any conscious input from me every moment of every day. It is as if someone or something has said:

” I am giving your conscious this wonderful vessel that contain inexhaustible complexities that is as wonderful as the galaxies themselves.”

Then we move on to how we treat ourselves and the self-loathing that seems more and more to permeate our lives today. The raising and parenting of small children is a great part of how we can become who we are today. If you take a child from birth and parent that child constantly about their shortcomings/sins , bodily flaws, physically beat them as punishment, and withhold love until their behavior warrants it, what do you think the outcome will be? Yet, it seems that is what many of us do to ourselves all day long. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here – this moment is ALL that we have and to accept ourselves in that moment totally is what love is truly about. There may be no tomorrow where you can become the perfect person you may wish to be or there is no past – IT IS GONE FOREVER and there is NO NEED to constantly berate ourselves for past mistakes. It is NOW. WE are the perfect person now that exists in this moment with all our flaws, mistakes, and blemishes – we are a beautiful creation with it all, that is what makes us. I have a German Shepherd and as I watch him he just seems to always be enjoying the moment just as he is. If he makes a “mistake” I have never seen him  berate himself or even worry about the color of his coat. He is in the moment with himself.

Is it truly loving yourself to hold resentment or anger over a lifetime? Or lashing out at the next person who comes our way when we are having a rough time? Or emotionally eating junk food until we feel “satisfied”?

There is one person we will spend our entire life with and that is the wonderful “me”. Yet, it is our decision how we will look at ourselves –  wonderful me or the flawed, sinful wretched being we are taught. The great thing about our brains it is scientifically shown it CAN change with the discovery of plasticity with the brain. No matter where we are now with our thinking of ourselves, it CAN be altered. Is it always easy? Absolutely not but it is the most worthy adventure we can ever take on – loving ourselves.

What is it you love to do? What is your body telling you it needs today with your cooperation to function for you optimally? If we love ourselves, each moment of the day the greatest thought we can have is what will I do that is  going to benefit my well-being. Can I say no, is it okay to detach from this situation, or do I need to take a breather and just go out into nature to replenish my soul? Developing true self-love can take some time and effort but it is the most worthwhile investment we will ever endeavor in this life and really doesn’t take any money to cultivate.

The irony of it all is self-love is not someone else telling us we need to be different, act different, or look different but when we truly love ourselves and accept ourselves our we are now, we want to be better to ourselves and excel in our ways to benefit my lifestyle. The true motivation in lifestyle changes begins when we truly love ourselves.

Then and only then can we reach out in true love to our fellow human beings. I know it is a controversy but I believe that we cannot truly love another being in the truest sense until we learn that deep love for ourselves first because we only pass along what we have inside ourselves to others. Then with that love we have truly developed for ourselves can be passed to all those we come into contact with.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

John Lennon


You are beautiful and worth it!!!


LOVING SELF=     Respect Ourselves      Admire  Ourselves     Appreciate Ourselves




SUFFERING! What did I do today?


Buddha left the walls of his castle going into the streets after being secluded throughout his upbringing and saw all the tremendous suffering that was going on around the city he had been sheltered from, then spent the rest of his life committed to bringing a end of suffering to the world. Jesus Christ wandered the hillsides and villages witnessing sufferings of devastating proportions which one day allowed him to lay down his life to relieve the sufferings the world seemed to thrust upon all living beings. Mother Teresa dedicated her life all the way to her death to relieving the horrible sufferings she saw in Calcutta as well as founding the Missionaries of Charity servicing the hurting and down-trodden in 133 cities.  Ghandi witnessed the sufferings of his people in the workplace and violations of Civil Rights, then tirelessly spent his life in nonviolent protest to help relieve the suffering of those around him and his countrymen.

There are numerous organizations in the world to relieve suffering:

    1. Action Against Hunger:       http://www.aah-usa.o
    2. CARE:
    3. Doctors without Borders 
    4. International Rescue Committee (IRC) 
    5. Refugees International

And the list goes on and on.

Then one can turn on the news or read news articles to see the widespread sufferings in this world – Syrian refugee crisis and massacres of masses of people, human slave/sex trafficking, proliferation of nuclear arsenals,  nationalism that denies the solidarity of all humans and responsibility to the world, and wars that kill and maim the innocent while the perpetrators sit in enclosed walls that shield them from the very travesties they order.

ONE thing is UNIVERSAL – SUFFERING, it unites all peoples in a common bond. A young one is born into this world under the stress of the birth and dies under emotional, physical, or psychological stresses. Many religions, psychologist, philosophers, and enlightened individuals have tried to explain the arguments and persuasions for the goodness in suffering. SUFFERING IS NOT GOOD and is not virtuous! Try to explain the goodness of suffering to someone that has just lost a spouse or child, to the starving throngs around the world, someone in the depths of anxiety and depression that can see no way out,  or is being severally abused and see how far you make the argument go.  Sure, people overcome and move forward out of sufferings with forgiveness, perseverance, and courage but suffering itself is not inherently good or virtuous. I personally have dealt with depression/anxiety some in my life and can tell you it is not good but can be a living hell.

I believe that the only real thing that can be the goodness found in suffering is the human’s ability to be a part of the relieving of suffering in others as well as ourselves. “Survival of the fittest” is the enemy of the compassion and has been forced down our throats since the beginning of human existence. I am going to make a statement that I strongly believe to be one of the few Universal Truths  – that all human beings are equal and there is not one anywhere that is better than anyone else in the world. It makes no difference of race, religion, varying opinions, place of birth on the earth, monetary status, or intelligence. One day when all of us return to the earth, it is all dirt in oneness. The  death of a Muslim child in war is as atrocious as the death of a Christian, Russian, Chinese or Hindu child. It is amazing how the human race has placed values on the human race by all types of criteria. Politics and politicians have become the enemy of compassion while elevating the sufferings of others at the expense of their own security.

So what have you done today to step out of the ego and help alleviate the suffering of another. Or if you yourself are suffering, what have you done to be compassionate and loving to yourself  instead of giving yourself a hard time for not performing better or being better? Maybe it is just to question what you believe of others or what real security is, possibly contemplating things you could do to alleviate the sufferings of others. In the end, will it matter what you have,  how prestigious you are, or the great education you achieved? Of all the reading about and witnessing of people who have died, these things didn’t amount to a pile of dung. It was all about relationships and experience. Have you had a compassionate moment today in a relationship or experience? It can be as simple as a smile at someone while shopping, a kind word to one suffering or a stranger, a simple random act of kindness today. It can also mean sitting with those dying in Hospice, providing food to someone on the street in need, volunteering in the countless organizations that relieve suffering (including animal rescue centers), and giving financial resources to causes/organizations that provide comfort.


A great religious text says “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted”.